All About E2 Expo

What is E2 Expo?

E2 Expo is India's first online exhibition and showcase dedicated to clean, renewable energy and environment related products/ solutions.

Who Will Benefit from E2 Expo?

E2 Expo provides immense benefits to two specific target segments:

Why is E2 Expo Different from Other Online Platforms?

We are different because we are focussed only on energy and environment industries. There's no other platform like ours in the country. Our value proposition of high supplier and user satisfaction stems from this focus.

Who is Behind E2 Expo?

E2Expo is an initiative of Energy Alternatives India (EAI). EAI is India's leading market research and business consulting firm with a dedicated focus on energy and environment sectors.

EAI was the first boutique consulting firm for this sector, formed in 2008. Our work has spanned all the sectors of clean energy and environment. Our team has worked on over 250 diverse projects, involving some of the world's leading organizations such as the World Bank, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, Reliance, GE, GSK and more. EAI's energy/environment reports have benefitted over 5,000 clients, large and small, in the past decade.

EAI is headquartered in Chennai, India. More about us from