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Comparative life cycle assessment of jeans performed at Nudie Jeans

This thesis was conducted to evaluate and compare the environmental impacts of three jeans manufactured by Nudie Jeans from a life cycle perspective and to evaluate the environmental focus at Nudie Jeans. The main focus was to find out the best en...

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The CEO striving to make vintage, secondhand clothing as popular as fast fashion

A Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate, Shilla Kim-Parker saw an opportunity that would aid in the reduction of pollution in the fashion landscape and at the same time help local small businesses survive in a fiercely competitive, ...

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Feminist, fashionable and fighting for sustainability: Anita Dongre

With stores in India and New York, and multiple clothing brands, fashion designer Anita Dongre is a celebnrity feminist powerhouse in the fashion industry.

In this interview with the Economic Times, she shares her views on sustainable fa...

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How the Textile Exchange's new index aims to make a material difference

A tool released in Jan 2020 aims to push textile companies further toward sustainability, by enabling them to align material choices with Sustainable Development Goals.

The Material Change Index (MCI) produced by the nonprofit Textile Ex...

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Fashion’s new must-have: sustainable sourcing at scale - A McKinsey analysis

This excellent analysis from the global consulting firm McKinsey, based on a detailed industry survey it conducted in 2019, puts the spotlight on sustainable sourcing for the textile and apparel industry.

Its analysis is based on dimensi...

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Gucci CEO's insights on a fashion giant going green

Marco Bizzarri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gucci, an iconic brand, spoke to UNEP (UN Environment Programme) about how he is changing the company’s sustainability practices, his suggestions on where to focus on for greenhouse ga...

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Conscious capitalism - perspectives from the CEO of Fair Trade USA

In a detailed interview with Heather Clancy of GreenBiz, the CEO of Fair Trade USA Paul Rice, spoke about some of the organization's latest activities, Fair Trade’s expansion into apparel and home guides, and the human side of susta...

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Fashion business need to sort out something to become sustainable: their inventory

In an interesting piece on Fortune, Misha Nonoo, a NYC based fashion designer known for eponymous ready-to-wear clothing, says how the apparel and fashion industry's reliance on upfront, bulk production without precise knowledge of customer pr...

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Is fashion resale an avenue for sustainability?

An interesting interview on FashionUnited with Charles Gorra, CEO of Rebag, puts the spotlight on the resale market for fashion item.

From being a poor cousin to mainstream fashion just a few years back, second hand seems to be gaining a...

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How North Face is facing the sustainable challenge - marketing and strategy insights

As a leader in the outdoors and athletic apparel segment, The North Face historically was not as transparent or vocal about environmental activism as its closest competitor Patagonia. That’s changing.

This report from CNN provides ...

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Can a fast fashion icon contribute to slowing climate change? Perspectives from Zara's efforts

It's easy to dismiss fast fashion companies' statements of sustainability aspirations, as their core positioning seems to be antithetical to the concept.

But if the market and customer aspirations change, so should the companies,...

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How a large supermarket chain plans to achieve Net Zero in carbon footprint by 2040 - detailed insights from Sainsbury's

One of the most detailed reviews of how a large retailer chain plans to achieve Net Zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the UK government's own targets. In Jan 2020, it committed to investing £1 billion over twenty years towards becomin...

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Nature-positive solutions will create $10.1 trillion in business opportunity and millions of new jobs - WEF

A new study from the World Economic Forum found that ‘nature-positive’ solutions can create 395 million jobs by 2030. The Future of Nature and Business Report provides blueprints for businesses to tap into a $10.1 trillion business opp...

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H&M's Treadler opens up its supply chain to others for sustainable sourcing - an interview with Hanna Hallin

H&M Group, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers has just launched a new sustainable fashion B2B service platform called Treadler.

At its core, Treadler makes it easier for fashion retailers to find high-perfor...

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What 1,000 CEOs Really Think About Climate Change and Inequality - Harvard Business Review, Accenture, UNGC

In Sep 2019, a new and important study on CEO attitudes came out, and it sheds light on how chief executives think about sustainability and other global challenges. Written by Accenture and the UN Global Compact, “The Decade to Deliver: A Ca...

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