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An eco-friendly design brand promoting handwoven heirloom textiles from Ivory Coast

Five | Six Textiles is a US based design brand dedicated to creating heirloom textiles crafted in partnership with the Master Weavers of Waraniéné in Northern Ivory of Coast. Each textile is created with skilled techniques offering contemporary design aesthetics and focusing on preservation of past practices. By handweaving 100% raw cotton in strips on upright frame looms, the company produces home goods such as bed linen and bags. 


Five | Six Textiles


| United States




The company involves local residents of Waraniéné as full-time weavers and focuses on artisan practices to support artisans and their communities with consistent employment and increasing wages.  This also creates an artisan-consumer business model to make the end consumer feel comfortable. The profits are distributed amongst the members of the collective. A percentage of the company's yearly profits are also designated to offer education to the children and adults at Waraniéné.


The firm was founded by Emma Wingfield who has an African art background and her business partner Laine who is a fashion designer. In this kickstarter campaign, the firm is working through partnerships with the artisans of Waraniéné village. Once this becomes successful, the company plans to set up a commercial facility continuing their partnerships with the artisans of the village.


  • Education (Textile and apparel education professionals)
  • Financial investors
  • Production professionals
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

About the work

Locally grown cotton is hand spun or machine spun and made into threads. These may be either un-dyed or naturally hand dyed using dark indigo colour. The cotton is then threaded onto the looms and hand-woven. The woven cloth is subjected to stitching the individual strips in a zig-zag manner. The ends of the strips are finished with a single stitch, leaving the natural cut edge visible.

Product Category

  • Bedlinen
  • Personal accessories

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