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A sustainable fashion company manufacturing accessories from waste

The company, started in 2015 uses junk materials to produce handcrafted jewellery and home decor such as colourful earrings, neck pieces, wall hangings, bookmarks and more. 


Ba No Batwo


| India




The company uses different types of waste materials such as glass bottles, textile waste, PET bottles, old clothes, cosmetic containers together with eco-friendly materials.


The company was founded by Gargi Parmar, a fashion designer and sustainable product designer. The objective of the company is to not only sell the sustainable products but also create awareness about sustainability in the textile and fashion industry.


  • Designers (Textile and fashion designers)
  • Textile waste management professionals

About the work

Calling itself a modern day rag picker, the brand collects waste such as plastic bottles, discarded clothes, cosmetic containers and everything in between to design and create jewellery, bags, wallets and stationery. The team with its design expertise is innovating new designs to redefine fashion.

Product Category

  • High-end fashion
  • Personal accessories

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