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Anthill Creations are changing the way slum kids play

Anthill Creations is an organization dedicated to enhancing the experience of play for all. They revitalize diminishing public spaces by engaging in collaborative projects while mobilizing the local community. They increased efforts to design interactive playscapes that ensure that people disconnect from their virtual existence & truly experience the joy of play.

Their goal is to enhance awareness, encourage discussions, meetups & peer-to-peer learning by envisioning a knowledge revolution through spatial design. By reclaiming these spaces and building them with recycled materials, Anthill wants to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions.



Anthill Creations


| India




They got tyre company Michelin to help them with the funding and set up a colourful playground that became the talk of the town. 

Their first project was in a Bengaluru slum area, where they built a small playground. The whole setup cost us about `20,000 and was finished in just five days.

They tied up with a local non-profit, Mantra4Change, and set up an innovative library using recycled tires for chairs and tables at the Florida English School in Goripalya, which caters to children from slum areas.




  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

About the work

At Anthill, they start from site selection and move to execution going through the process of surveys, fundraising, design, and procurement followed by an impact assessment. For the construction, they go about procuring material from local sources and can complete the construction in 5-6 days.The impact is measured based on an adoption plan for the playscape. The detailed assessment is done after an interval of 1-3 months.

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