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An exclusively fair trade, eco-focused company that promotes handmade lifestyle products

Sustainable Threads is a social enterprise, which produces fabric goods, such as napkins, table runners, placemats, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, among other things, all produced under the Fair Trade standards. It brings together their professional experience and passion for rural development, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Sustainable Threads exclusively promotes fair trade, handmade products made with natural fibers.



Sustainable Threads


| India


Sustainable Threads creates dependable economic relationships with their artisan cooperatives. This gives the artisans a sense of security and lets them engage with their local community.



  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial investors
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

About the work

Sustainable Threads works in partnership with disadvantaged artisans including physically disabled individuals, survivors of domestic violence, and socially marginalized tribal communities – to co-design their collection, marrying their modern aesthetic with traditional art techniques and textiles.

Product Category

  • Fabric
  • Natural fiber
  • Towels
  • Yarn

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