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An initiative for decentralized textile production in the villages of Bangladesh

This project is Bangladeshi-German cooperation between craftswomen and designers together with a Bangladeshi NGO Dipshikha, for village development. It proves the possibility of an alternative "made in Bangladesh" production: participative, sustainable, decentralized, based on the local textile traditions, with every piece being unique and with the purpose to improve the quality of life. 


Dipdii Textiles


| Bangladesh




The Dipdii Textiles' clothes are strong in their individuality. The bond to the women producing the clothes is reflected in their label, which is the signature of the woman working on that shirt.



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About the work

The clothes from Dipdii Textiles are made in rural areas in North Bangladesh. They are tailored by hand and crafted out of local textile traditions. Their products have a very unique style and no two products will look the same. Their unique selling proposion is their customized design that reflects the individuality of the designer. They are aiming to improve work opportunities in the villages of Bangladesh.

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  • Fabric

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