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Decarbonization strategies in the global fashion industry - current status and recommendations

Updated : 2020


  • Energy management professionals
  • Senior or top management
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

With the challenges of fashion fashion in mind, it has never been more important to explore the emissions status quo and to understand in detail how various decarbonisation scenarios may play out.

This report presents an analysis on the fashion industry’s GHG emissions and outlines areas in which players can focus their efforts to meet climate targets. By triangulating GHG emissions data, analysing current and accelerated trajectories, and quantifying the gap to meeting the Paris targets, it offers insight into the industry’s potential for decarbonisation and presents recommendations for moving forward. The report addresses stakeholders that include brands, retailers, manufacturers, citizens, investors, and policy makers to play their part in putting the fashion industry on the 1.5-degree pathway.

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