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Novel catalyst for carbon footprint reduction in textile manufacturing

Updated : 2020


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WeylChem Catexel manufactures a catalyst that can reduce the bleaching temperature of cotton. WeylChem Catexel has been working with the textile industry to enact positive change since the launch of the WeylCat Pegasus catalyst in 2011. 

WeylCat Pegasus works with the hydrogen peroxide, activating this powerful oxidising agent, so that the bleaching can take place in a much shorter time, under milder conditions. The chemical helps the cotton bleaching process. In 2019, approximately 500,000 tonnes of cotton were bleached using a WeylCat Pegasus based process. Assuming a 25 °C temperature reduction was realised; this translates to more than 118 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved. The milder process conditions also lead to a higher yield of cotton. 

WeylChem Catexel is committed to facilitate this process in their long production cycles, in line with their ongoing goals to deliver real, sustainable, game-changing technology across industries. 



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