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Cotton textile chain - life cycle assessment and inventory analysis

Updated : 2015


  • EHS professionals
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  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic evaluation of the potential environmental impact and resource utilization of a product from raw material through disposal. 

The primary purpose of this project was to provide robust and up-to-date life cycle inventory (LCI) data for global cotton fibre production and textile manufacturing so that cotton is accurately represented in LCAs. A secondary objective was to use the LCI data to conduct a cradle-to-grave LCA of a hypothetical knit shirt and woven pant to understand all aspects of the environmental impact of cotton textiles to efficiently reduce future impacts.

The results were evaluated across three primary phases. Also, included in this paper is a discussion of the challenges faced in conducting this LCI/LCA of an agricultural product and pitfalls to be aware of when attempting to compare LCAs of products made from different textile fibres.


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