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Low carbon economy - strategy investigation and measures in the garment industry

Updated : 2010


  • Designers (Textile and fashion designers)
  • EHS professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Low-carbon garment involves the lowest carbon emissions in the production and resource management pathways while the garment is being manufactured.

This paper reports some feasible measures for garments faced to the low-carbon economy. The article introduces the original steps that should be adopted in the clothes making from selecting fabrics and accessories in order to deduce the carbon use. Secondly, its provides an overview of designing the garment based on the theory of the body engineering and comfortable of the garment and the innovation methods in the traditional fashion style from style and drafting design.

Through these methods, it could reduce the extra need to the environment after putting on the clothes in order to deduce the carbon discharge. Thirdly, the article reports the methods which could be reduce the carbon usage in the clothes making. Finally, it introduces the possible low-carbon ways in the logistics, sales and afte-sales services of the garments.


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