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Corporate biodiversity strategy guide for resilient fashion supply chain

Updated : 2020


  • Senior or top management
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Businesses need to create new strategies that will transform their relationship with nature, safeguarding their operations while at the same time taking responsibility for their impacts on the natural world. This paper focuses on the practical steps a fashion company can take now in order to develop a biodiversity strategy and to create the foundation for more resilient supply chains.

This document draws on a new approach called the Conservation Hierarchy to lay out a simple process for fashion companies wishing to develop a robust corporate biodiversity strategy. This framework can be adapted to a wide range of contexts, making it suitable for addressing the variation between different companies within the fashion industry.

The eight steps detailed within this document aims to support decision makers in designing a strategy that can inform their company of its impacts and dependencies within its operations and where to prioritise action. Further, it highlights how a company can identify a portfolio of mitigation actions to reduce impacts on and restore biodiversity.

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