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Seaweed based degradable yarn for apparel and accessories

Updated : 25-Oct-2020


  • Designers (Textile and fashion designers)
  • Researchers or innovators
  • Textile fiber cultivation professional
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Algiknit is developing biomaterials for the fashion industry from what is called 'the most renewable organisms on earth'. Addressing the ecological damage caused by the fashion industry, AlgiKnit is creating durable yet rapidly degradable yarns from kelp. Kelp is a type of seaweed or macroalgae, that is grown globally in cold coastal waters primarily in the northern hemisphere. Kelp absorbs CO2 and works against global warming and ocean acidification and also absorbs farm run-off. AlgiKnit’s yarns are directed toward use in the fashion industry, in particular within the fields of footwear, accessories, interiors, and garments.




| United States



Highlights and sustainability benefits

The complete product lifecycle is sustainable thus protecting the environment from the harmful impacts of conventional textile and accessories production processes.


AlgiKnit won EUR 100,000 in the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018. It also topped the Sustainable Planet category of National Geographic’s Chasing Genius Challenge

Product Category

  • Natural fiber
  • Yarn

About the Work

While worn, the materials are durable and practical, only degrading when exposed to humid, fungi rich environments found in composting facilities for a prolonged period of time.

About the Innovator

AlgiKnit is a New York-based biotech start-up producing durable seaweed yarns. The company aims to conserve the maritime ecosystem whilst creating a sustainable and ethical fiber that can be processed into textiles for the fashion industry. It was co-founded by Aaron Nesser, Tessa Callaghan, and Asta Skocir in 2016.

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