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Reworking vintage garments to high-end women's streetwear

Updated : 27-Oct-2020


  • Designers (Textile and fashion designers)
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  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Frankie Collective is dedicated to reworking excess products into high-demand streetwear styles. Vintage garments and overstock are collected and reworked into contemporary items. The company follows sustainable production processes and transparency across the value chain. Customer engagement is ensured on all its platform.


Frankie Collective


| Canada



Highlights and sustainability benefits

The company uses textile overstock and vintage garments which would otherwise end up in landfills and have negative environmental impacts. Textile scraps generated from the processes are removed and recycled by a company called Fabcycle. The company employs local artisans in producing reworked garments. 


The company has created its own collection called Frankie F1 featuring items such as cargo pants, swimsuits, crop tops, biker shorts, etc. Some of their most popular items sold are those with the icy camo print across them. The icy print adds a modernized feminine twist to the classic green camo making for a whole new kind of look. The company also had the honour of working with singer Normani and her dancers to create an ensemble for the ladies with reworked Kobe Bryant jerseys following he and his daughters’ unfortunate passing.

Product Category

  • Women's wear

About the Work

Production of all the reworked garments is all kept local in Vancouver, Canada. They employ a skilled team of designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses that are payed a living wage to design, create and rework daily.

About the Innovator

Frankie Collective is the sister company of F As In Frank, which was started by Drew and Jesse Heifetz who have been in the vintage sector for over 15 years. They have supplied brands such as Supreme and Ralph Lauren with vintage pieces for design inspiration.

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