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Business intelligence for real-time inspection of fabric production

Updated : 25-Oct-2020


  • IT manager
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Smartex uses a combination of IoT sensors and AI/machine learning software for the real-time inspection and detection of defects in fabric production. The technology helps textile manufacturers improve production yields, reducing defective production down to 0.1 percent.




| Portugal | United States



Highlights and sustainability benefits

The technology helps in reducing production costs, 100% process traceability and close to 0% manufacturing defects. Due to its flexible design, the system neither interferes with the machine nor have an impact on the manufacturing process. It helps in minimizing the waste and improves efficiency of the manufacturers.


The company has been listed by Forbes under 30 Europe social entrepreneurs. It has also been selected by Fashion for Good. The company has worked with a European textile manufacturer in successfully implementing the solution and saving over € 2,072.00 per month.

Product Category

  • Fabric
  • Yarn

About the Work

The system uses a combination of plug and play cameras on knitting machines for automatic textile inspection, Artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect textile defects and business intelligence platform for real-time productivity, monitoring and quality control.

About the Innovator

The company was started by Gilberto Loureiro with a background in Physics and Finance and working experience in textile related technology institutes.

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