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Nanotech for hospital textiles - sustainable binder chemicals for textile finishing

Updated : 25-Oct-2020


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Nano Textile is the result of a 12million euro European Commission funded project -SONO-FP7, which was focused on the development of an antibacterial finishing of fabrics using ZnO especially for hospital textile applications. It offers a sustainable alternative to binder chemicals usually used to attach finishes onto a piece of fabric. Its technology embeds fabric finishes directly into a fabric using a process called cavitation and can apply to a range of products such as antibacterial & anti-odour finishes or water repellency. 


Nano Textile Ltd.


| Israel



Highlights and sustainability benefits

Use of sustainable chemicals protects the end user and environment from leachate of harmful chemicals. It also does not interact with fabric's physical properties. The company has also tested its technology with few hospital textile related applications and found significant results in reducing/killing the harmful bacteria associated with them.


The company has developed a single-step nano-coating process, which is done via an IP protected sono-chemistry reactor and is cost-effective. It currently holds granted patents in Israel, the US, and the EU and holds patent pending requests in additional strategic markets globally. It has also won awards in the Global Health Startups contest in Israel.

Product Category

  • Hygiene clothing
  • Textile chemicals

About the Work

Their technology is based on a very unique single-step sono-chemical coating process which enables them to embed nano-particles onto any kind of substrate, in an irreversible manner, unable to leave the substrate. It is cost effective and applicable to any kind of substrate. Nano particles provide extreme durability. The process is scalable.

About the Innovator

The company was founded by Mr. Shuki Herchcovici who is a serial entrepreneur and capital market expert, specializes in merges and acquisitions and developing private and public companies, such as Aryt Medical, EZ Energy, Eden Energy and more. The technology was developed by Professor Aharon Gedanken and Dr. Ilana Perelshtein of Bar–Ilan University in Israel. Both are globally renowned chemists and experts of nano-technology and sono-chemistry. It is the only company which offers flawless antibacterial coating for textiles as it coats readymade fabric and not fibres.

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