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Upcycling textile wastes to accessories

Updated : 25-Oct-2020


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Texool pioneered textile recycling especially industrial upcycling, starting as concessionaires, representing large overseas collectors and graders of Old & Used Clothing for more than 50 years ago. The company is a Mumbai-based company that upcycles discarded textiles into stylish handbags and shopping bags. The increasing amount of cast-off clothing from the U.S. and other wealthy countries shipped to India and Africa at throwaway prices gave the founder of Texool, Jaideep Sajdeh, the opportunity to build a business that could create low-skilled job opportunities, help save the environment, and generate a profit as well.

With Disney, Mattel, Colgate, Steve Madden and many big retailers in India already picking up his bags, the company hopes to increase production from their current 15 lakh bags as of 2016.  




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Highlights and sustainability benefits

The process results in prventing accumulation of textile wastes in landfills, thereby protecting the environment. 


In the year 2016 and 2017, Government of India listed Texool to be one of the top 100 SME's in India. This India SME Forum India's Largest SME initiative is supported by ministry of MSME and Axis bank. The company received an award for Most Innovative Textile product, Micro Category by the National Productivity Council for the year 2015-2016. Texool was nominated by MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture) in 2013 – 2014 as the Top 3 Textile Entrepreneurs SME Category in the state and by CNBC Awaaz Entrepreneur for their reality TV show Masterpreneur.

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About the Work

Texool currently employs sixty people in a Mumbai suburb, who cut the used clothes, and sew them back into designer shopping bags, wine bags, bottle bags, handbags, and school bags. Most of these bags have a clever tag saying - “I am not a virgin”and "I am so wasted" to indicate in a stylish way, that the bag is made of recycled material. Old sheets are cut into standard sizes, stamped with designs and sewn into all kinds of bags. Texool’s bags are ‘greener’ than the trendy ‘green bags’ offered at grocery stores because not only are they plastic free and reusable, they are actually made of old sheets and table cloths.

About the Innovator

Texool is a company that uses discarded textiles from wealthy countries and recycles them into shopping bags, backpacks, and handbags. In doing so, the company is not only reaping good profit, but also creating job opportunities in India, and helping the environment. With a burgeoning textile industry in the west, the clothes that get discarded and shipped from the developed world to India and Africa come in at virtually no cost.

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