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Sustainable garments from textile and apparel industry garment waste

Updated : 27-Oct-2020


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At Pure Waste Textiles, the company is on a mission to change the global textile industry. They make 100% ecologically sustainable yarns, fabrics and garments, and in the process save a whole lot of water. Pure Waste manufactures products and collections for other brands, such as Nanso, Makia, Billebeino and Mainio. Pure Waste products are sewn in a factory owned by one of the company’s Indian owners with adherence to ethical and ecological values.

Jukka Pesola and Anders Bengs run Pure Waste Textiles. Their business model is simple: take leftover fabric and turn it into a new, usable piece of clothing. However, the clothes don’t scream recycled.  The tees, sweaters, and pants they produce out of excess or waste textiles are fashionable and well cut staples. The recycling facility opened in Tamil Nadu in 2016 houses a production unit where fabrics are opened, carded, spun again and woven into new knits.  The palm-lined land includes their flagship recycling unit, already operational CMT manufacturing unit, and facilities for staff.  The fully operational plant employs the local population and the unit will be fueled by renewable energy, such as wind and solar power.


Pure Waste Textiles


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Highlights and sustainability benefits

By using recycled materials instead of virgin cotton, they have managed to save 2,689,878,600 litres of water (as of December 2019). They have recycled 381 214 kg of textile industry cutting waste and given it new life in the form of clothes.

They have also designed water efficient sewing factory in Tamil Nadu. They have joined forces with other factories and school in the area to build water ducts to offer safe drinking water to the entire community.


Pure Waste Textiles bestowed the Finnish fashion act award 2013 by FINATEX. It was one of the Launch Nordic Innovators for 2014. It is also a Elle Style Awards Winner 2014.

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About the Work

Cotton clothing producers waste about 15% of the raw material. They don't make their products from virgin material. Instead, Pure Waste recycles the offcuts and spinning waste from clothing and textile industries. The raw material is collected, sorted by colour and quality, and mechanically opened back into the fibre. Then they mix it with recycled polyester or viscose and spin it into new yarns. After that, the process is the same as with virgin materials except that the yarns and fabrics don’t need to be dyed as their colour comes from the textile waste.

About the Innovator

The roots of Pure Waste Textiles comes from the Nordic tradition of recycling, and the clean and pure environment of native Finland. They first began experimenting with industrial leftover materials with their first-born Costo – a company that specialises in sustainable textile accessories. They are committed to make only ecological and otherwise ethical choices, and without compromises. The scarab beetle in the Pure Waste logo symbolises their values. In ancient Egypt these natural recyclers represented rebirth and renewal.

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