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Repurposed plastics based polyester for accessories

Updated : 28-Oct-2020


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Upcycled Mobile Accessories

Samsung has partnered with an eco textile company, Kvadrat to launch a range of upcycled accessories such as phone cases and straps for the brand’s devices. The latest line of accessories will be made from upcycled materials - specifically for Galaxy S20+ phones and Galaxy Watch Active2. The phone cases and watch straps are made from repurposed plastic bottles that are melted and reformulated into recycled polyester yarns


Samsung Electronics


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Sustainability Benefits

  • Each phone case will contain yarns made from half a 500ml plastic bottle, lengthening the use of the non-biodegradable material before they reach the end of its life-cycle while contributing to reduce the carbon emissions of the manufacturing process.


  • Samsung is the first company among many of the major brands in the mobile electronics industry to create phone cases for its flagship device using recycled materials. The company's image as a sustainable firm has increased from this initiative

How does this work?

The phone case is created from the sustainably designed Kvadrat textile Revive:

  • Revive is produced from upcycled plastic bottles.
  • The post consumer plastic bottles are collected.
  • The bottles enter a material converson process where they are melted and reformulated.
  • The melted plastic substance is remodeled into recycled polyester chips.
  • The chips, through a proprietary process, are extruded and re-textured to become 100% recycled polyester FR yarn.
  • The yarn is dyed into different colors for the phone case range.
  • The yarn is woven into fabric for the phone case. One end-of-life 500 ml plastic bottle provides enough material to produce two cases.

About the Company

Samsung Electronics is relentless in its efforts to deliver innovative products and experiences that maximise user convenience and make the lives of consumers better. In 2016, they saw an increase in sales throughout Asia in addition to revenue growth across premium appliance markets in North America, Europe, and Korea. The company continues to bring real value to consumers by launching differentiated products and technologies with ground-breaking and consumer-focused products. They lead the market by delivering true innovation and convenience to their valued consumers.

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