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H&M's Sustainable Supply Chain Service

Updated : 09-Sep-20



Part of H&M Group, Treadler lets their clients to utilize H&M Group's supply chain to overcome initial business barriers and accelerate sustainable change. Treadler is an end-to-end B2B service and through Treadler, H&M will be offering other companies access to its global supply chain, expertise, long-term partnerships and sustainability strategies. It will initially work on small-scale projects tailored to suit the need of each company, covering the eco-friendliness of all supply chain operations from product development to sourcing and logistics.





Sustainability Benefits

  • The key sustainability goal is to reduce the 75% of the industry's output which ends up being landfilled or burned in incinerators.
  • It promises 100% transparency in terms of production and sourcing of products.


  • As part of the offer, Treadler tailors a supply chain strategy, to accommodate an optimized production based on the need of each client.

How does this work?

The process of the Treadler services:

  • Product Development & Fitting
  • Component sourcing, supplier optimization and production market allocation.
  • Sampling development and size sets.
  • Transparent fact based price quotation
  • Order management
  • Assisting production by physical & chemical quality checks.
  • Finally it assists in shipping goods, clearing customs and delivering it to brand warehouses.

About the Company

Treadler is part of H&M Group's vision to use the group's size and scale for good and to lead the change toward a more sustainable fashion future. To accelerate the change needed in our industry, Treadler's service will bring clients up to speed and scale sustainable supply chain services from product development to logistics.The clients get access to H&M Group's more than 70 years of experience, long-term supplier relationships and thorough sustainability work. Through this supply chain partnership, Treadler, H&M Group and the clients work towards a more sustainable fashion future together.

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