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Spinnova and Bergans Launch Circular Collection of Backpacks

Updated : 15-Oct-2020


  • Textile industry sustainability professionals

Collection of Tomorrow

Spinnova, the wood fibre producer from Finland, and Bergans, manufacturer of outdoor equipment from Norway, have introduced the Collection of Tomorrow concept, a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and reuse concept. Their first prototype in this collection is a backpack.





Sustainability Benefits

  • All the materials are of natural origin; cellulose-based fibre lyocell, lamb wool and wood.
  • Spinnova’s process uses FCS-certified wood or cellulosic waste streams, and unlike all other cellulose-based fibres, the method involves no dissolving, harmful chemicals or side streams.
  • The fibre is biodegradable and shes no plastic.


  • The future goal is to circulate the same resource
  • Spinnova fibre – many times over, avoiding the creation of virgin materials.
  • There are no coating chemicals or plastic and metal accessories in the backpack.

How does this work?

  • A limited number of consumers can now subscribe to the Collection of Tomorrow and become test users for the backpack.
  • Later in the product lifecycle, Bergans can take the item back, and Spinnova can turn the same fabric into new fibre, of which Bergans makes another product for the subscriber.
  • Spinnova is currently studying how many times the post-consumer fibre can be reused in its process.

About the Company

Spinnova was founded in 2015. The company's vision is a more sustainable textile industry, where sustainable cellulose-based materials are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and preferred option for brands, and available to all consumers.After two years of laboratory scale R&D, the technology was scaled up to a continuous pilot scale that was specifically built for this. The technology has been scaled up from a small pilot scale to an industrial pilot scale in December 2018, when the construction of their pilot line was completed. They will be finalizing product properties and production processes, while working on selected prototypes with partners.

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