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Karl Mayer's Multiguard Yarn Monitor For Textile Quality Assurance

Updated : 15-Oct-2020


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Multiguard Yarn Monitor

Karl Mayer’s newly launched Multi Guard yarn monitor which uses sensor technology and data processing systems to control processing parameters. This system gives a warning in the event of yarn breakages or tension peaks, and generates parameters that can be used for internal production data management as well as external quality assurances within the framework of a quality management system.


Karl Mayer



Sustainability Benefits

  • The reduction in yarn breakages will ultimately reduce raw material wastage during production, which usually endup in landfills.


  • The efficient monitoring of yarn tension and feed during warp preparation is claimed to increase weaving efficiency by up to 5 %.

How does this work?

Multiguard continuously determines the tension values of each individual yarn at the exit of the creel and transmits the data to a computer for comparison with the target values.

About the Company

Karl Mayer is an innovative market leader as well as driving force in the textile machinery building. The manufacturer offers solutions for the fields of warp knitting and flat knitting, technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digitalisation.

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