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Tengiva's Responsible Stock Management Labels for Textile Manufacturers

Updated : 15-Oct-2020


  • Sourcing professionals
  • Textile waste management professionals

Responsible Stock Management Labels

Tengiva has launched a Responsible Stock Management label offering textile buyers the chance to source small quantities of materials for specific design phases and manufacturers the ability to divert excess stock from landfill or incineration. A recognizable label launched helps create a sense of community and encourage others to be a part of the change. It also helps buyers choose businesses that are in line with their values.





Sustainability Benefits

  • It diverts materials from landfill and incineration - by selling excess stock online via its platform


  • Textile suppliers can reduce overstocking by using this online platform.

How does this work?

  • Responsible stock management aids recognizing and tracking to consciously dispose of in the most functional, environmentally respectful way, while also supporting the industry by helping buyers access smaller amounts.
  • Every supplier who actively sells on Tengiva's site can use the Responsible Stock Management label to communicate their pledge to potential clients.

About the Company


Tengiva is a division of CACITH inc, a Canadian company, based in Beloeil. It stands for Textile Exchange Network Generating Industry Value and Accessibility. Tengiva is the first online marketplace for in-stock textiles, that directly connects clients to suppliers while stimulating knowledge and partnerships in the industry. The company's goal isto inform and educate buyers so textile sourcing becomes smarter and to help manufactures empty their warehouses, while developing new business opportunities.

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