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Buffy's Naturally Dyed Eucaluptus Fabric Sheets

Updated : 15-Oct-2020

Eucalyptus Sheet Collection

New York bedding company Buffy has used natural dye made from a mix of plants, spices and fruits to colour its eucalyptus fabric sheets. The collection includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, top sheet and pillowcases. Buffy worked with Fragmentario, and Botanical Colors to create the different dyes for its plant-based sheets, which are made from eucalyptus fibres.

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Sustainability Benefits

  • The eucaluptus plants uses 10x less water then water, thus reducing the overall water consumption in the industry.


  • The sheets are naturally-dyed textile, free of any chemical colour or synthetic ingredients.
  • Eucalyptus fiber contains no essential oils and is safe for pets and kids

End user sector

  • Textile Material Manufacturers and Producers
  • Sustainable Textile Production Facilities
  • Home and Person Care Producers

How does this work?

  • The eucaluptus needed for the fibres are exclusively grown. They generally require less water to grow.
  • The fibres from the tree are then extracted and then made into fabrics using sustainable practices.
  • The dyeing process used in making the sheets are claimed to let out no waste water.

About the Company

Founded in 2017, Buffy is the brainchild of Leo Wang, whose family has been producing textiles in China for decades. The company aims to make all our products from entirely natural, recycled, or recyclable materials. They use earth-friendly fabrics and manufacturing methods to create more sustainable products, ensuring product quality and durability is maximised. They also offer care instructions that help extend their products' lifespan.

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  • Textile chemicals professionals
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Product Category

    • Textile dyes and colourants
    • Towels


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