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Seawool fabric from recycled oyster shells

Updated : 20-Nov-2020


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Seawool Fabric

Wool production from animals contributes to an increase in GHGs and other sustainability issues at every part of the value chain. Siizu's SeaWool Fabric has been developed as an alternative, eco-friendly textile that is sourced from an unlikely item in order to offer consumers a stylish fashion product. Made from sustainably sourced recycled oyster shells, SeaWool comes as a new material to produce a soft wool-alternative.

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Sustainability Benefits

The fabric uses oyster shells from food industry mixed with recycled plastics which in turn protects the environment from these wastes. It also minimizes the environmental impacts from animal based wool production.


Seawool naturally stops odour causing bacteria from growing on the fabric, which keeps the fabric and garment smelling fresher for a long time. It also provides insulation to stay warm in cold weather.

How does this work?

To create the SeaWool Fabric, Siizu works with a specialized fabric supplier in Taiwan who sources the oyster shells from the food industry. The upcycled oyster shells are mixed with recycled plastic bottles and ground into a fine powder.

About the Company

Siizu designs and delivers high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to the customer at an affordable price point. They use fabrics that are 100% organic and eco-friendly for their entire line of clothes. Siizu's design and pattern making team utilizes the fabric to its full potential, minimizing waste.

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