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Bamboo and recycled plastics based sneakers

Updated : 20-Nov-2020


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IBI sneakers

Traditional footwear making materials such as rubber, leather and plastics present several environmental and economic challenges such as chrome tanning, rubber plantation maintenance etc. Cariuma has hence developed a sustainable sneaker by mixing bamboo with recycled plastic from water bottles to create a form-fitting, soft, sustainable bamboo textile. Bamboo requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. There’s zero water waste and it’s a carbon-neutral fiber.

The IBI bamboo sneaker is very comfortable. It flexes and moves with the wearer and it’s also temperature-regulating. The memory bio-foam insole is made using cork and mammona oil.

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Sustainability Benefits

The IBI’s production involves regenerative and recycled fibres which creates a positive environmental impact. Its shipping is 100% carbon-neutral. The single-box shipping method is also crafted with recycled and recyclable materials. Cariuma also partners with Native Energy to fully offset its carbon footprint, through Amazon rainforest conservation.


The sugar cane EVA sole is up to 40 percent lighter than the competitive products. The cup-sole construction offers better shock absorption, and the IBI’s construction reduces pressure points.

How does this work?

The company develops new materials to create sneakers that are lightweight, durable and long lasting. The product designs are iterated for more than a year before it reaches the production stage to reduce the number of steps in manufacturing.

About the Company

Cariuma, headquartered in Brazil sources its materials in a sustainable manner. The sneakers are handcrafted with natural premium materials. They also maintain ethical factories and employ a strict code of conduct in their day-to-day operations. Each sneaker style is designed to be high quality and low impact.

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