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Global circular textile material manufacturing - PurFi's collaboration with Concordia Textiles

Updated : 20-Nov-2020


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Circular textile materials

PurFi, the U.S. developer of high-end products derived from rejuvenated textile waste streams, has announced a joint venture with Belgium-based manufacturing partner Concordia Textiles. The joint venture enables the integration of innovative sustainable textile technologies and manufacturing practices in the creation of the first global circular fiber company with the ability to minimize the irresponsible disposal of textile waste worldwide.

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Sustainability Benefits

The partnership will aid in significantly minimizing the disposal of textile waste, thus protecting the environment, while also enabling innovative technology developments for circular textiles.


In addition to fiber rejuvenation technologies, PurFi brings its state-of-the-art fiber lineage software which tracks fibers from their origins to their final destination. This provides a system of accountability throughout the entire process value chain - from downstream manufacturers to upstream retailers.

How does this work?

Under the partnership, PurFi will be supplying Concordia its circular fiber technologies which transform textile waste, regardless of composition, into fibers that are equal or superior in all aspects to virgin materials.

About the Company

PurFi is a technology company making virgin quality products from textile waste. It owns 14 patents / patents pending related to rejuvenating industrial waste. This technology has been commercialized for Ford, Mazda, Staples, Walmart, M&S, Sainsbury, Rockline Industries, U-Haul, and Nike.

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