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TextileGenesis’s Blockchain Tech For Eco-Fibres

Updated : 14-Oct-2020


TextileGenesis is a plaform that tracks sustainable fibres through transparent and reliable blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity & provenance of sustainable textile materials against generics.The company has created the first fiber-to-retail traceability data standard for the apparel ecosystsem based on GS1 framework, a global traceability standard used in the food & healthcare industry.

Company Name




Product Launched in

February 2019

Sustainability Benefits

  • Ensures authenticity & provenance of sustainable textiles against generics.
  • Incorporates the existing sustainability credentials.


  • Transparency cannot be altered regardless of how many times the material has been usesd/recycled.
  • Drives value-chain inventory optimization.

End user sector

  • Sustainable Garment and Apparel Manufacturers
  • Premium Fashion Design Studios and Firms
  • Speciality Textile Fibre Manufacturers and Producers
  • Garment and Fashion Retailers

How does this work?

  • The platform allows digitisation and traceability of any textile asset such as fibre, yarn, fabric, or garment through fibercoins® (patent pending).
  • Any sustainable textile player can issue fibercoins™ directly linked to his textile asset. Fibercoins® create the ability to transparently trace & manage the textile products across the apparel supply chain.
  • Fibercoins® are blockchain based digital-tokens. They are NOT based on any crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) to eliminate the financial and legal risks, and drive ease of adoption for the business-to-business users.

About the Company

TextileGenesis® is a pioneering traceability platform custom built for the premium and sustainable textiles such as wood-based fibers, premium cotton, specialty filaments, silk, wool and cashmere.

Company Contact Details


  • IT manager
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Product Category

    • Fabric
    • Yarn


    Global Change Award Winner 2020: Tracing Threads by TextileGenesis

    Feel Right with Amit Gautam

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