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EcoMed's One Step Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Technology

Updated : 27-Aug-2020


Ecodas Technology

ECODAS sterilizers are designed to neutralize the infectious waste, reduce its volume, and render its components unrecognizable and safe to dispose of as harmless municipal waste. It is a patented process that is based on advanced green autoclaving (non-burning) method that uses clean heated pressurized steam with no added chemicals to treat and dispose of the medical waste. The technology is used to collect, process, and treat all types of Regulated Medical Waste, which is generally defined as waste that is capable of producing infectious diseases.





Sustainability Benefits

  • Promotes zero emission environment by not using toxic or reactive chemicals in the treatment process and by deploying clean non-burning alternative technology.
  • The technology render its components unrecognizable and safe to dispose of as harmless municipal waste.
  • New pollutants are not formed during the treatment process due to its lower operating temperatures compared to traditional burning technologies.


  • EcoMed’s medical waste management and removal services provide comprehensive and flexible service that are compliant with DOT and OSHA standards.
  • Reduces volume of the waste by over 80%
  • ECODAS SYSTEM shreds the waste prior to the sterilization cycle directly exposing the inner waste contents to the saturated steam guranteeing true neutralization of all type of infectious waste stream.

How does this work?

  • The treatment process combines internal shredding, direct heated steam (138°C/280°F), and high pressure (3.8 bars/55 psi) to achieve complete sterilization of infectious materials, hence after treatment the leftovers can be disposed directly along with normal solid wastes.
  • The operations and sequences of the ECODAS Sterilizer is completely computerized and regularly controlled by an advanced programmable microprocessor offering reliable, simple, consistent, and safe treatment process.
  • This Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors, regulates, and maintains the operating parameters during the entire length of each automated treatment cycle.

About the Company

EcoMed Services is an innovative medical waste disposal and recycling company that specializes in providing environmental and healthcare integrated waste treatment and disposal solutions through the use of clean sustainable technology. Their medical waste management and removal services is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive, flexible, consistent, and safe solutions that are compliant with local, state/provincial and federal regulations

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EcoMed Medical Waste Managment and Recycling

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