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Technopath's Envetec 200 Technology Breaking Down Medical Waste

Updated : 27-Aug-2020


Envetech 200

The Envetec 200 is a patented innovation that shreds and sanitizes laboratory hazardous medical waste, on-site, reducing it to domestic waste. The shredding process reduces the original volume of the waste by up to 90% and the neutralizing disinfectant solution converts it to safe domestic grade waste. The systems are designed and engineered to be safe, quiet, cost efficient and simple to operate.


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics


United States

Sustainability Benefits

  • By using a non-thermal process, Envetec 200 does not produce any emissions.
  • The resulting dry solid residue is safe to handle and since it has been converted to domestic grade waste.
  • Provides more environmentally friendly options for subsequent disposal and the high calorific value of Envetec’s residue makes it suitable for use as a waste to energy material.


  • Waste is treated quickly and safely on-site, and the end product is graded as domestic waste.
  • Offers solid financial savings over the existing high-cost of off-site haulage and disposal services.

How does this work?

  • Envetec 200 system simultaneously shreds and disinfects infectious medical waste using a patented destruction and disinfection process that kills COVID-19 viruses along with bacteria, spores and other pathogens that pose a danger to human health.
  • With one instrument processing up to 600,000kgs of medical waste per year, the technology requires no heat in the process, and according to Technopath, no dangerous chemicals emanate from the system at the end of each 20-minute treatment cycle.
  • The resulting confetti-like solid residue is categorized as regular trash, safe to handle and can be used in a number of waste-to-energy and other recycling applications.

About the Company

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is a global leader in the development and manufacture of solutions for clinical laboratories. Founded in 1997 as Technopath distribution, they have developed a leadership position in Ireland and the UK as a trusted supplier to the healthcare sector. Today, Technopath's products are used by leading laboratories in over 130 countries globally, having established relationships with national healthcare organisations globally such as Northwell Health in the US, the NHS in UK and leading laboratories globally.

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