Sustainable textile and fashion industry

We provide exceptional access, visibility and promotion to sustainability efforts across the entire textile, apparel and fashion industry value chain.Check out our updates on product launches, low carbon efforts, technologies at work and sustainability implementations for the industry.

Carbon Focus

This section presents different types of initiatives and measures through which the apparel industry can make meaningful progress by decarbonizing the value chain.


This section presents newly released products that are sustainable, loaded with new features, and delivers on solving acute environmental challenges present in the textile and apparel industry.

Solutions at Work

This section highlights a wide range of clean technology across themes such as fiber, yarn and fabric production, chemical processing, garment manufacturing, and recycling.


This section provides an overview of some of the most innovative and accessible sustainable textile solutions from around the world.


This section presents a curated list, from around the world, of such efforts in the textile and apparel sector.

Top View

This section goes further in identifying key design elements and underlying strategies that uphold the systems thinking approach and assist both research and practice that help develop and improve existing business models.

View by Stakeholder Category

You can see updates here from all the above sections categorized for prominent stakeholder sectors in the textile & fashion industry