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Energy management practices in Indian textile mills - a review from leading industries


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  • This article focuses on various energy conservation practices followed by leading textile manufacturing mills in India. The associated cost and energy savings have also been provided. 

    Some of the prominent energy conservation practices followed by the companies include energy efficient lighting, energy efficient boilers and pumps and installing waste heat recovery systems in dyeing units. Results from a case study from a company which installed a high pressure RO plant to improve heat recovery and replaced a stenter machine resulted in significant energy savings of 200 kWh per day.


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  • Energy management professionals
  • Machinery and equipment makers
  • Textile printing professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Keywords

  • Thermopac boilers
  • Energy efficient boilers and pumps
  • Effluent treatment in dyeing unit
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Energy efficient inverters
  • Heat recovery systems in textile dyeing
  • Closed loop control systems for compressors
  • Energy efficient lighting
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