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Implementation of energy efficient boilers at Solapur textile cluster - a detailed project report


  • India

  • Solapur textile cluster is one of the largest textile clusters in India involved in the manufacturing of cotton terry towels and bed sheets. This detailed project report highlights the energy, environmental, economic, and social benefits of replacing a less efficient existing technology i.e. conventional boiler with a 600 kg/hr energy efficient boiler in the Solapur cluster.

    The study involved carrying out detailed energy and technology audit studies across the textile units. Based on the analyses of the data obtained, various energy efficient opportunities and operational and maintenance practices were recommended. A comparative study of conventional boiler and energy efficient boiler (recommended technology) was carried out and its social, environmental and economic benefits were analysed. The initial findings show that implementation of energy efficient boilers in the cluster could result in signifcant energy and cost savings.

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  • Energy management professionals
  • Machinery and equipment makers
  • Production professionals
  • Keywords

  • Waste heat recovery in boilers
  • Insulation of boilers
  • Boiler operation and maintenance
  • Energy efficient boilers
  • Boiler capacity utilization
  • Product Category

    • Bedlinen
    • Towels
    • Yarn

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