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Energy-efficiency improvement opportunities in textile spinning - an analysis on economics


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  • This article analyses some existing energy efficiency opportunities in the textile industry for spinning processes. The analysis includes opportunities for both retrofitting of existing technologies as well as a complete replacement of the current machinery with new technology.

    Details on the cost involved, energy savings, and payback period for those energy-efficient opportunities in the spinning process part of the textile value chain have been provided based on various case studies. However, more process specific research is needed to understand the economic and sustainable benefits of implementing these measures. 

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  • Energy management professionals
  • Machinery and equipment makers
  • Production professionals
  • Keywords

  • Variable frequency drives
  • Energy-efficiency in compressed air systems
  • Energy-efficiency in spun yarn spinning process
  • Energy efficient motors and fans
  • Steam heating system for yarn polishing
  • Energy efficient humidification system
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    • Yarn

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