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Heat recovery technology avenues in the textile dyeing and finishing industry


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  • The article analyses the various technologies of heat recovery from wastewater and exhaust air in the textile dyeing and finishing industry. A brief study on cogeneration or combined heat power (CHP) systems, heat recovery from water, and heat recovery from the air is discussed. A case study related to these energy efficiency measures in the textile industry in Mauritius is also given.

    Results show that detailed analysis with technology experts related to the firm's operation would help in implementing a viable heat recovery unit with an attractive payback period.

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  • Energy management professionals
  • Machinery and equipment makers
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Keywords

  • Cooling water recovery
  • Wastewater heat exchangers
  • Centralised waste water heat recovery in dyeing and finishing
  • Combined heat power (CHP) systems for textile finishing
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