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Emerging value chain process trends and roles of industry stakeholders towards sustainable fashion and textiles - a review


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  • This review paper explains in detail the recent trends in the sustainable fashion and textile industry across the value chain from raw material selection to end of life of the product. Further, a comprehensive list of the roles played by various industry stakeholders - government bodies, manufacturers, standards, and NGOs in promoting the growth of sustainable fashion has also been provided.

    The organizations that work on sustainability aspects such as licensing, permits, and compliance requirements in managing waste, energy, and water are provided. Furthermore, several standards that have already been developed to provide guidelines supporting the three pillars of sustainability are also discussed

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  • Researchers or innovators
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Keywords

  • ISO 14000
  • CSR in textile industry
  • Fashion consumption and consumer attitude
  • Fabric chemical processing
  • Product Category

    • Fabric
    • Natural fiber
    • Yarn

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