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Meeting national energy savings target using normalization and verification guidelines in the Indian textile sector


  • India

  • The publication of “Normalization Document and M&V Guidelines” for the textile sector is an effort to facilitate the industries to comply with notified PAT (Perform, Achieve, Trade) rules to participate with the PAT scheme and contribute towards achieving the national (Indian) target of energy savings. At first, it gives the methodology for establishing the target. It then sets out to discuss in detail the normalization/correction factor to be considered for target setting in the textile industry to achieve energy efficiency.

    This document will be helpful to all impaneled Accredited Energy Auditors (EmAEAs) and State Designated Agencies (SDAs) in the monitoring and verification process of PAT.

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  • EHS professionals
  • Energy management professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Researchers or innovators
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
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  • Normalization in weaving production
  • Normalization in knitting production
  • Fuel quality normalization
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