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Textile dyeing and finishing - guidelines for energy efficiency improvement


  • Indonesia

  • This report is part of the draft version of the study on energy conservation and efficiency improvement in the republic of Indonesia's energy efficiency and conservation guideline.

    It broadly discusses the energy conservation of synthetic fiber, spinning, weaving and knitting, dyeing, and sewing equipment. Various types of dyeing processes for cotton knitted fabrics, fabric with 100% polyester and cotton & polyester mixed fabric and their energy conservation methodologies are discussed.

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  • EHS professionals
  • Energy management professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Researchers or innovators
  • Keywords

  • Energy conservation of batch dyeing processing
  • Energy conservation in drying process
  • Bleaching and dyeing processes
  • Management of dissolved oxygen in fabric production
  • Product Category

    • Fabric
    • Yarn

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