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Cost effective energy efficiency and process optimization measures for resource management in textile mills


  • Georgia

  • The article discusses in detail the various energy efficiency approaches in the areas of water, energy, and electricity in the textile industries. Data on the total energy, water, and cost savings, success stories in China have also been provided. It suggests process optimization measures for modifying the pretreatment, dyeing, and finishing processes themselves so that they use less water, energy, and chemicals.

    It also gives good housekeeping recommendations so that textile mills can take significant steps toward reducing waste and cost by implementing small changes in behavior.

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  • EHS professionals
  • Energy management professionals
  • Textile printing professionals
  • Production professionals
  • Senior or top management
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Keywords

  • Reuse of cooling water from singeing and compressor
  • Cold pad batch processing
  • Bleaching and mercerizing
  • Enzymes technology in bleaching pre-treatment
  • Closed loop printer cleaning system
  • Product Category

    • Fabric

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