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How North Face is facing the sustainable challenge - marketing and strategy insights


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  • As a leader in the outdoors and athletic apparel segment, The North Face historically was not as transparent or vocal about environmental activism as its closest competitor Patagonia. That’s changing.

    This report from CNN provides a detailed account, based on perspectives from senior management from the company, how the company is going about becoming far more sustainable and readying itself for a future where sustainability will be a must-have for the apparel and fashion sector. 

    Its efforts go all the way upstream to investing in climate friendly ranches in California, designing for longer lasting apparel, using 100% recycled polyester for its jackets and using technology such as nanotech for breathability in place of harmful PFCs ( perfluorinated compounds).

    A valuable read for top management in the apparel and clothing sector, especially those companies that need to reposition their strategy, operations and branding around sustainability to compete against other leaders who have already captured the sustainability mindshare.

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