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Can a fast fashion icon contribute to slowing climate change? Perspectives from Zara's efforts


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  • It's easy to dismiss fast fashion companies' statements of sustainability aspirations, as their core positioning seems to be antithetical to the concept.

    But if the market and customer aspirations change, so should the companies, whether or not they like it.

    This interesting 2019 report from the Vogue details how the company has already taken some steps towards sustainability, and has many more efforts in the offing all along the value chain - use of sustainable fibers, zero discharge of hazardous materials, green packaging, use of renewable energy and more.

    An interesting discussion with three designers from the company also reveals how the fashion giant is trying to create a greater awareness about and inculcate a culture of sustainability among its employees and stakeholders.

    An excellent read for companies in any industry that has to make a major shift from conventional practices to becoming a sustainable corporate.

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