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How a large supermarket chain plans to achieve Net Zero in carbon footprint by 2040 - detailed insights from Sainsbury's


  • United Kingdom

  • One of the most detailed reviews of how a large retailer chain plans to achieve Net Zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the UK government's own targets. In Jan 2020, it committed to investing £1 billion over twenty years towards becoming a Net Zero business.

    Its current carbon footprint is one million tonnes. If that sounds like a lot, you will be interested to know that the retailer has already achieved a 35% reduction in carbon footprint in the past 15 years even while its space increased by 46% (so that would be a reduction of half a million tons annually in absolute, and about 55% reduction in carbon footprint per unit area).

    The retailer plans to work with the Carbon Trust to assess emissions and set science-based targets for reduction. The company plans to work on seven areas in this context. These include reducing carbon emissions, water usage, plastics use and food waste, and increased emphasis in recycling, more healthy diets in its menu and biodiversity.

    An excellent report for all those keen on knowing in details how a large firm plans to tackle its environmental footprint.

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