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Nature-positive solutions will create $10.1 trillion in business opportunity and millions of new jobs - WEF


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  • A new study from the World Economic Forum found that ‘nature-positive’ solutions can create 395 million jobs by 2030. The Future of Nature and Business Report provides blueprints for businesses to tap into a $10.1 trillion business opportunity, focusing on industry actions that are nature-positive, meaning that they add value to nature.

    The report finds putting nature first is good for business and economic resilience. It is built on real world examples where business outcomes have been improved by nature-positive outcomes. Smart farming utilizing sensors and satellite imagery in Indonesia improved crop yields on average by 60%. Suzhou Industrial Park’s green development in China has seen its GDP increase 260-fold partially through green development. In Vietnam, people living in coastal communities saw their incomes more than double following the restoration of critical mangroves.

    A valuable read for key sustainability stakeholders in any business.

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