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What 1,000 CEOs Really Think About Climate Change and Inequality - Harvard Business Review, Accenture, UNGC


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  • In Sep 2019, a new and important study on CEO attitudes came out, and it sheds light on how chief executives think about sustainability and other global challenges. Written by Accenture and the UN Global Compact, “The Decade to Deliver: A Call to Business Action” collects insights from more than 1,000 global executives. Published every three years, this report provides a deep dive on how CEOs view sustainability.

    Andrew Winston has provided an excellent summary of the report at the Harvard Business Review. The three key “calls to action” he identifies from the report: (1) raising ambition and impact in CEO’s own companies, (2) “changing how we collaborate with more honesty about the challenges,”and (3) “defining responsible leadership,”

    You can read Andrew's valuable summary from the link below and download the complete Accenture-UNGC report from here -

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