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The CEO striving to make vintage, secondhand clothing as popular as fast fashion


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  • A Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate, Shilla Kim-Parker saw an opportunity that would aid in the reduction of pollution in the fashion landscape and at the same time help local small businesses survive in a fiercely competitive, digital-first world by reaching new consumers worldwide. With these in mind, she cofounded retail startup Thrilling in 2018.

    Thrilling scours vintage boutiques and secondhand stores nationwide, curating a selection of one-of-a-kind items while also supporting small businesses. The Los Angeles–based company promotes an environmentally friendly approach to fashion by encouraging shoppers to fall in love with vintage.

    A couple of interesting points that stood out from her interview that she gave to Fortune:

    1. There are more second hand stores across the US than McDonalds and Starbucks combined, but 99% of their inventory is online. This is the space that Thrilling is planning to add value to.

    2. Her passion to make second hand shopping as mainstream as first-hand, and not as marginalized as it is currently.

    Read more from Fortune on the interview the magazine had with Kim-Parker.

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