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Feminist, fashionable and fighting for sustainability: Anita Dongre

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  • With stores in India and New York, and multiple clothing brands, fashion designer Anita Dongre is a celebnrity feminist powerhouse in the fashion industry.

    In this interview with the Economic Times, she shares her views on sustainable fashion and why it is the only way to go.

    A key highlight on her journey to sustainability has been empowering women from the underprivileged sections. 

    In addition to employing such women in producing five clothing lines, hand-crafted fine jewelry and accessories, her foundation provides training and jobs to more than 250 rural women, with plans to cover 30 villages by 2025.

    "I see my journey reflected in theirs," she says, emphasising her belief that "economic empowerment is the only way a woman can assert herself".

    Empowering women from underprivileged and bottom-of-pryamid sectors does more than enhancing their livelihoods, as studies have shown how women's empowerment has a strongly positive correlation to energy and environmental sustainability as well.

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