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Fashion’s new must-have: sustainable sourcing at scale - A McKinsey analysis


  • Global

  • This excellent analysis from the global consulting firm McKinsey, based on a detailed industry survey it conducted in 2019, puts the spotlight on sustainable sourcing for the textile and apparel industry.

    Its analysis is based on dimensions such as embracing sustainable materials, driving transparency and traceability, turning supplier relationships into strategic partnerships and reinventing purchasing practices.

    A valuable read for senior management from the textile and fashion industry responsible for sourcing, sustainability and supplier partnerships.

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  • EHS professionals
  • Marketing or sales professionals
  • Senior or top management
  • Sourcing professionals
  • Textile industry sustainability professionals
  • Keywords

  • Sustainable sourcing in fashion
  • Sustainable materials use in fashion apparel
  • Fashion supply chain transparency
  • Fashio supply chain traceability
  • Sustainable sourcing strategy in fashion
  • Product Category

    • High-end fashion
    • Men's wear
    • Women's wear