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Gucci CEO's insights on a fashion giant going green


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  • Marco Bizzarri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gucci, an iconic brand, spoke to UNEP (UN Environment Programme) about how he is changing the company’s sustainability practices, his suggestions on where to focus on for greenhouse gas mitigation (supply chain upstream), his perspectives of the overall sustainability of high-end fashion (about which he is quite positive as high end fashion items inherently get used for a long time), use of nature-based solutions in their products and the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge the company launched in 2019.

    And he finishes off with a memorable statement in the context of his company's contribution to sustainability: "By 2040, I will be almost eighty years old. I do not want to leave this responsibility to my successor. I want to create a plan of action that brings serious results in the short term."

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