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Iysert Energy Research Private Ltd

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine- India's First multiple use 1KW VAWT turbines for Houses , Hotels , residential complexes .One time Investment and free ...(more)

Price ₹

3.5 lakh


VAWT Features Self starting in low wind speed, easy to capture wind from any direction Low noise and vibration, no be affected by turbulence Attractive, visually pleasing design Simple module structure, light weight, easy for installation and maintenance .

Product Specifications

Performance Rated Power: 1kW

Max Power: 1.2kW

Rated Wind Speed: 12m/s

Cut­In Speed: 2.5m/s

Cut­Out Speed: 25m/s

Survival Wind Speed: 50m/s


Physical Parameters

Mill Diameter: 1.8m

Mill Height: 2m

Mill Weight: 200kg

Tower Height & Weight: 5.5m (235kg)


Generator Parameters

Type: PMG 3 Phase

Rated Voltage: AC 250V

Rated Current: AC 2.3A

Protection Level: IP54 Controller



Output Voltage(On­grid): DC 60­375V

Output Voltage(Off­grid) DC 24/48V


Over Speed Protection & Braking System

Speed Control Style: Pitch Control System

Brake Style: Automatic Magnet Brake

About the Company

IYSERT ENERGY RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Registered in India No. U72900UR2014PTC001344 Authorized and Regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India Registered on 23 Dec 2014 . Pioneers in New Renewable Technologies & Smart technology Solutions in India & Overseas. IYSERT ENERGY® provides Services in Construction , Power & Transmission , Storage Power System , Solar Power Sys...(more)


No. 149/1, Lane No. 11, Gurudwara Society Area
Opposite Kandari Staff Quarters,
Clement Town,
Dehradun - 248002,
Uttarakhand, India

Contact Name: Rakesh Biswas
Contact Number:+91-9634623860


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