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Solar EPC Selection will help the solar power plant developers reach the right EPC who has invested in quality, has a high level of transparency ...(more)

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Solar EPC selection can help in zeroing in on the best EPC company for the Solar Power Plant. Solar Mango- EPC Selection will help companies reach the EPC who has invested in quality, has a high level of transparency and professionalism, and is committed to long term relationships with clients.

Product Specifications

Solar Mango's EPC Selection ensures the following benefits are being provided to the users:

Maximum Power at Minimum Cost – A power plant that generates the maximum possible electricity during its lifetime (25 years) at the lowest possible cost per kWh over the lifetime.

Smooth Operations – A power plant that functions and buzzes along smoothly day in and day out for 365 days a year for 25 years, without giving any trouble at all to the developers.

Transparent and Resilient – A power plant that is highly transparent and resilient – in that the you can understand the performance of the power plant from wherever he or she is, and a power plant that can be up and running within the shortest possible time just in case of any issues that crop up at all. 

Optimum Utilisation of Space: With high design expertise EPCs will be able to make the maximum of available space by looking at panel, inverter, cable layout etc.

About the Company

Solar Mango provides effective, expert guidance for the adoption of solar energy for all user segments - from Watts to Gigawatts, from off-grid to rooftop solar to large-scale solar farms. Our objective is to create awareness, educate and assist diverse segments on solar energy, its benefits and applications. The consulting division of Solar Mango has a special focus on India, and provides comp...(more)


Solar Mango C/O Clixoo Solutions Private Limited A5C, Anugraha Buildings, No 41, Nungambakkam High Road Nungambakkam Chennai – 600034, Tamil Nadu, India Email : enquiry@solarmango.com


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